Star Wars: Voyage of the Terrapin Erathem

Legitimate Business

It's not about the money, it's about getting paid.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

It is a period of civil war. Just weeks shy of a year following the Battle of Endor and the death of Emperor Palpatine, Admiral Krennel has seized the Ciutric Hegemony and murdered Sate Pestage and the entire Pestage family. Now, just two days later….

Date: 40:2:21GrS

A long time contact, who goes by the name Charlii, of freighter captain Augusto Gali Gali Thum, has summoned the modest trader vessel, Terrapin Erathem to the world of Zec Hariah. In one of the most luxurious suites of the Germon Hotel of Camota, the group is introduced by Charlii to Mordov Jimel. Mordov made three unbelievable claims; to have developed a species of Energy spider that could exist in a multitude of environments, and still produce viable Glitterstim, to have had 300 million credits embezzled from him, and to be Mordov Jimel. No one, probably not even Charlii, had any clue who they were really sharing a suite with, but Thum and crew were caught between two predators, targeting the same prey. Rian had been seemingly entranced by strange alleged eye implant that Mordov wore.

Camota cityThe enormous sum of credits was being kept in Camota Keep, now the home and base of operations of Donner Vimdis. With a private army of battle droids guarding the physically impenetrable vault, the task sounded more and more impossible the more Thum and crew heard. The opportunity to strike would come during the Camotan festival marking Founders First Solstice, during which, the Keep has always been traditionally open to the public.
Making the task seem even more impossible to accomplish for all but the finest thieves in the galaxy, would be the security checkpoints where guests to the keep would be screened. It would be impossible for them to get any weapons or special tools in, much less get the vault or the credits out.

This is when the group learns how intelligent ewoks are. A spear is an aerodynamically optimized mass with a wooden stick to provide leverage, guidance and a conduit for the thrower to apply energy for thrust. Ino Pling Pling comes up with a plan to throw a spear at the house. Though the biggest spear tips Ino had ever seen were Imperial Star-Destroyers above Endor, but one of those was unavailable. But they were going to find a ship, and chuck it into the ancient Camota Keep. The vault, being built more durable than a vessels incident recorder, should easily survive the impact of any sub-capital vessel, and thankfully for the sake of Charlii, Thum and crew, the vault was capable of surviving much more.

To get ready for attending the Founders First Solstice Festival, they bill to the room; a Q7 droid to pilot whatever vessel they commandeer, ED-BD a BD-3000, and tailored formal attire for everyone in the party. Should the ship ramming succeed, they’ll have the same alibi as everyone in town, should it fail, they’d need to be ready to attend the festival.

Ino and Rian scouted out the docking bays, it was probably not the wisest or most practical notion to have a nine year old boy, and a soldier from a culture that hadn’t invented shoes yet, to select a spacefaring vessel, but they stood the least chance of being noticed. Capt. Thum was so nervous about having a criminal record, he thought an engineer and a ship captain would look out of place at a starport, and sent a child and a furry primitive. Actually, Thum, or any freighter captain even half as experienced would know; engineers and captains don’t get lost in starports. They don’t lurk around them, they just do their business and spend as little time in them as possible. Furry primitives and children, are less rare than one would hope, and never look like they know where they’re supposed to be. What the diminutive pair selected was a nearly 200 meter long Marauder-Class corvette named the Vina. The vessel was abnormally undermanned, and barely guarded, but it was a Pyke Syndicate vessel, on a syndicate held world, in a syndicate held city… it was practically in the syndicate’s garage. An hour and a half later, after the pair had looted it for several thermal detonators, a particularly shiny gemstone, and an electrum plated datapad with a Pyke emblem emblazoned on the back; Vina was blasted to smithereens.

To secure the vault, they’d need a landspeeder. Finding an overpowered speeder close to a luxury hotel is as difficult as finding the garage. Rian though, takes a detour through the employee locker room, takes an ugnaught valet’s uniform and has a speeder within minutes. The speeder went from the garage, racing through the streets towards the heart of town, completely unnoticed due to the explosion of the ancient heart of the town. The speeder races past the smoldering crater and Jhain Di Xon captures the spherical vault with his grappling hook. They reel the vault in, and race towards their rendezvous with the Terrapin Erathem, still in flight with the starboard cargo gantry descended.

Upon making orbit, the vault is opened. Inside there were 300 Million credits and 16 datachips. On the Holonet, was mention of Mordov Jimel, just not the man who was in the suite. The actual Mordov, washed up on the beach, just a few hundred kilometers south of Camota, with two blaster wounds in the back of his head. Thum decides to put the identity bonded, and thusly useless to anyone else, fortune back into the vault, and jettison it into orbit. Charlii could easily retrieve it if it were any use to him. As for the encrypted datachips, Thum had Siri conceal them within some panel sealant where they can’t be found unless you knew exactly where to find them.


  • Coruscant, Senate District: Prompted memorials were held for Sate Pestage today, with COMPNOR doing everything they could to keep the cameras on their memorials, rather than the adjacent rioting. At least they were suppressing the violent attacks on the mourners.
  • Trantor: Senator Leod Ark today decried both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. In response to questions about the possibility of him participating in the New Republic movement, Senator Ark responded; “Both the Empire and New Republic are terroristic entities reflecting each others constituent desires for power, neither desire to restore the Old Republic or-”
  • Corulag: the TransGal circuit kicked off to an upset win from team Sedrishan of Eshan in his green painted Arrow model swoop from Queens Consolidated.
  • The following will be news, localized to your sector.
  • Zec: Authorities have identified the body of Mordov Jimel washed up on a beach just a few hundred kilometers south of Camota. He was found with two blaster wounds to the back of the head, but authorities have yet to rule it a homicide.
  • Zec Hariah: Also in news there; the dead and injured are still being counted in the tragic starship crash that has destroyed the ancient town center, and claimed the life of it’s current owner, Donner Vimdis. Anonymous sources have reported to HNN that this looks like violence and a power struggle within the Pyke Syndicate.

Unbeknownst to the crew of the Terrapin Erathem, it was none other than Boba Fett claiming to be Mordov Jimel, and Charlii probably wouldn’t have helped him had he known.

Date: 40:2:23 GrS

Flush with a substantial payment from Charlii, Thum wants to return home to Sullust to pay off the Terrapin Erathem, visit his wife, and get some real Sullustan cooking. Rian wants to get his newly acquired speeder a custom paint job, and Ino has some sales to do. Thum pleads with them to not do anything illegal, but this seems to be a new concept to the pair. The payment was electronic, the wife was surprisingly uncharacteristically and unnecessarily shrewish until he arrived home, and the Sullustan cuisine should have been more illegal than the weapons Ino wished to sell. Ino’s explosives would have digested better too. Rian discovered that having a speeder detailed was expensive, and services aren’t as easily stolen as goods. Thum suggests that they would have better luck in a less scrupulous place, and offers to take them to Nar Shaddaa.

Date: 40:2:25 GrS

On Nar Shaddaa, Thum, dragging Siri along, is eager to go to these grimy bars he’s romanticized in his head. The seedy yet cosmopolitan mix of disparate cultures from across the galaxy that would once have only been found in elite confluences deciding the fates of galactic power, and the casual, working class spirit of folks at the same time as those elites were shaping galactic civilization, would have never had hopes of reaching the stars. The space bars, are the ignored fruit of pedestrian space travel! A fruit, left to rot judging from the smell of the Mynock on the Dock .

Rian and Ino, in the search for the next credit or shiny, find themselves in the main audience chamber of a Hutt… Rian, remember he’s only 9, recognizes him as Buubuu the Hutt, a prominent, and influential, up and coming Hutt clan leader. Buubuu is interested in the Thermal Detonators that the ewok and boy procured from the Pyke vessel Vina.

Siri dosen’t want to go into the bar, then Thum looks like he’s doubting his desire to go in, then Siri, as she’s always done, pushes him where he’s scared to go, regardless of her own trepidation.

Buubuu offers a substantial amount of trade goods, at Ino’s request including a medical droid and bacta tank for the ship, and three slaves; two of the hutt’s ‘dancers’, Yang (a Zeltron) and Gami (a Twi’Lek) , and Bomdor a Gamorrean who seems less than interested in guarding a Hutt. Buubuu even threw in the speeder detailing.

At Mynock on the Dock, Thum and Siri have found a simple traveler of few words who goes by the name “Bub” who wants to book a ‘no questions asked’ one way trip to Tatooine. Thum quotes him a more than reasonable price, generous, actually it’s a revealingly naive price. The stranger ups the offer substantially, and they rush back to the docking bay. When they arrive, it looks like Nal hutta cargo the circus has come to town, or more accurately, boarding for departure. There’s a quality to pink and blue dancing girls, a large Gamorrean, a sport speeder adorned with flames and an ewok with a top hat in the center of it all. "Bub couldn’t have been pressed into caring.

Date: 40:2:26 GrS

Arriving at Tatooine was less than ideal. The orbital conflagration is immediately apparent upon exiting hyperspace. From what little they could tell from orbit, Ratta the Hutt who occupies the former home of Jabba on Tatooine, has forces defending him from unidentified mercenaries. The dock-master is panicked. Mos Eisley, though far from the monastery sanctuary of Ratta the Hutt, is under siege. A hurried landing, and a hasty exit for the well hatted man as he shoots the unseen men welcoming him with blaster fire. The ship receives its first blaster scoring, and the Terrapin Erathem evades, but never returns, fire until the most immediate moment it can make the jump for hyperspace to… (be continued next session)



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