Augusto Gali Gali Thum

A Sullustan Trader, the owner operator of the Terrapin Erathem

  • Dexterity 2D+1
    • Blaster 3D+2
    • Dodge 3D+1
    • Running
    • Vehicle Blasters
  • Perception 3D
    • Bargain
    • Con
    • Hide
    • Persuasion
    • Search
    • Sneak
  • Knowledge 2D+2
    • Alien Species
    • Bureaucracy
    • Languages
    • Planetary Systems
    • Streetwise
    • Survival
  • Strength 2D
    • Brawling
    • Climbing/ Jumping
    • Lifting
    • Stamina
  • Mechanical 4D+1
    • Astrogation
    • Repulsorlift Operatin
    • Sensors
    • Space Transports 6D+1
      • Ghtroc 720 8D
    • Starfighter Piloting
    • Starship Gunnery
      • Ghtroc 720 6D
    • Starship Shields
  • Technical 3D+2
    • Computer Programming/ Repair
    • Droid Programming
    • Droid Repair
    • First Aid
    • Space transports repair

Special Abilities
Enhanced Senses: Sullustans have advanced senses of hearing and vision. Whenever they make Perceptions or search checks involving low-light conditions or hearing, they receive a +2D bonus.
Location Sense: Once a Sullustan has visited an area, he always remembers how to return to the area – he cannot get lost in a place that he has visited before. This is automatic and requires no die roll. When using the Astrogation skill to jump to a place a Sullustan has been, the astrogator receives a bonus of +1D to his die roll.

Move 10
Force Sensitive: Yes.
Force Points 2
Dark Side Points
Character Points 14/35/3

Equipment: Terrapin Erathem
Military comlink
blaster pistol (4D)
Secured Bearer Credstick (No Code)
An electrum plated Datapad with a Pyke Syndacate emblem on back
16 Datachips Hidden securely

Credits: 4,150


After decades as a Transport pilot for the SoroSuub Corporation, a marriage and 3 children, he decided to strike out on his own and be his own boss. He took what savings he had, and got a loan on purchasing a brand new Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter called the Terrapin Erathem and hiring an Arkanian engineer named Siri.

Augusto Gali Gali Thum

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