Jhain Di Xon

An Iotran Bounty Hunter.

  • Dexterity 4D
    • Blaster 7D
    • Dodge
    • Grenade
    • Melee Combat
    • Melee Parry
    • Armor Weapons 6D+1
  • Perception 3D
    • Command
    • Investigation
    • Search
    • Sneak
  • Knowledge 2D+2
    • Alien Species
    • Languages
    • Streetwise
    • Survival
  • Strength 3D+2
    • Brawling 5D+2
    • Climbing/jumping
    • Lifting
    • Stamina 4D+2
  • Mechanical 2D+2
    • Astrogation
    • Beast riding
    • Space transports
    • Starship Gunnery
    • Starship Shields
  • Technical 2D
    • Armor Repair
    • Blaster Repair
    • Starfighter Repair
    • Starship Weapons Repair

Special Abilities: None
Move 10
Force Sensitive? No
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points
Character Points: 9/34/3

Vera: Light Repeating Blaster Rifle(6D)
Winona: Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D)
Sweetness: Hold-out Blaster (3D)
2 knives (STR+1D)

Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Armor, heavily refitted.
(2D) No DEX Penalty. (Armor Weapons Skill)
Right arm: Wrist Blades: retractable blades do STR+1D damage
Projected Grappling Hook: 20 meter lanyard. ranges (1-3/10/20)
Left Arm Flame Projector: 5D damage, uses armor weapons skill, creates cone 1 meter wide, variable one to five meters long.
Helmet: Macrobinoculars: Add +3D to Perception or search for objects 100-500 meters away. Scope linked into blaster rifle: reduces range two levels (for example, long range becomes short range).
Jet Pack (Burst lats one move and flies 100 meters horizontally or 30 meters vertically; has 10 bursts)
2 Medpacs

Credits: 800


Born on Iotra in the Outer Rim, Jhain served the standard 6 years in the IPF (Iotran Police Force) before being ‘released from duty’ or ‘discovering his true calling’ aboard the Terrapin Erathem

Jhain Di Xon

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