Rian "Sidestep"

A Kid from the streets of... ?

  • Dexterity 3D+2
    • Blaster 4D
    • Dodge 4D+2
    • Melee Combat
    • Melee Parry
    • Missile Weapons
    • Pick Pocket 4D
  • Perception 3D+2
    • Bargain
    • Con 4D
    • Hide 4D+2
    • Search 4D+1
    • Sneak 4D
  • Knowledge 2D+2
    • Languages
    • Streetwise 4D+2
    • Survival
  • Strength 2D+1
    • Climbing/ Jumping 4D
    • Stamina 3D
    • Swimming
  • Mechanical 3D
    • Beast Riding
    • Ground Vehicle Operation
    • Repulsorlift Operation 3D+1
  • Technical 2D+2
    • Computer Programming/Repair 3D
    • Droid Programming
    • Droid Repair
    • First Aid
    • Repulsorlift Repair 3D

Special Abilities
Move 8
Force Sensitive?
Force Points
Dark Side Points
Character Points: 1/21/3

Hold Out Blaster 3D
JG-8 SED An open-top Luxury Sport Sedan with custom paint job including flames; sits four adult males comfortably.
Military Comlink
Toolkit (Repulsorlift)
The ID of Puban: Ragmair Age: 42
Two bottles of fizzyglug
one packet of candy
a small stone
length of string
Mr Muttons, a ?

Credits: 75


Luxury liner

Bespin Galactic occupation.

Place to place abandoned coreworlder.

Rian "Sidestep"

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