Ino Pling Pling

An Ewok Warrior veteranof the Battle of Endor


? 2 Specialization to choose @ +1D each.

  • Dexterity 3D+2
    • Bows
    • Brawling Parry
    • Dodge
    • Melee Combat
    • Melee Parry
    • Thrown Weapons
  • Perception 4D+1
    • Bargain
    • Con
    • Hide 6D+1
    • Search 6D+1
      • Tracking: Smell 7D+1
    • Sneak 6D+1
  • Knowledge 2D
    • Languages
    • Survival
    • Willpower
  • Strength 1D+2
    • Climbing/Jumping
    • Stamina
    • Swimming
  • Mechanical 3D+2
    • Beast Riding
    • Glider
  • Technical 2D+2
    • Demolition
    • First Aid
    • Primitive Construction

Special Abilities
Skill Bonus: +2D for every 1D placed in hide, search, sneak.
Skill Limits: May not place skill dice in vehicle, starship or repair skills.
Smell: +1D to search when tracking by scent.

Move 8
Force Sensitive?
Force Points
Dark Side Points
Character Points: 15/15/3

Jewel stolen from the Vina
Danalberry Vines 2 Seeds
Keebaba Fruit tree 2 Hutt Fruit
Namana Trees 2
Plant Food
Top Hat & Coat
20 Kegs of Juma Juice

Credits: 350


Ino is a veteran of The Battle of Endor, and served alongside Ewoks and Alliance ground forces alike.

Throughout the Imperial occupation and the fighting, Ino lost several siblings and family members. He’s recounted Imperial atrocities, and openly contradicted reports that the Ewok presence was simply ignored by the Imperials garrisoned planet-side.

Ino Pling Pling

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