Star Wars: Voyage of the Terrapin Erathem

Blackstar has arrived.

With Tatooine a warzone, and the Terrapin Erathem evading fire and fearing confrontation, Captain Thum seeks a friendly port. Often, Charlii has contacted him for work that takes him to Bespin for either pickups or deliveries, so it’s decided that Bespin is where they’d head next.

Date: 40:2:27

En route to Bespin, the now expanded crew began to settle in to figuring out sleeping arrangements, and making everyone as comfortable as rationally possible. There was the matter of a young blaster owner wanting to do some target practice during the trip. Without going into all the details involved in the discussions, Thum takes away Rian’s hold-out blaster, and puts it in corridor weapons locker. The fallout of this, aside from an irate nine year old, is Jhain feeling less than valued. Somehow, the Jhain deal ended up explained to Jhain. Not that it never should have been explained to him, it’s just that it sounds bad when you hear it.

Jhain is a bounty hunter. He pays Thum a retainer of 200 credits at the beginning of each month to be aboard, to take available bounties at any of the ships ports of call. Jhain never does this. He’s never felt the need. He looks at his living expenses; 200 credits to stay where he is, and looks at his income; Thum pays him 200 credits in the middle of each month to be the ship’s hired gun and protector. It’s worked out great for everyone for the past 16.5 months, but now Jhain put 200 and 200 together and… is in a bit of a funk. And he wouldn’t have been if Ino hadn’t turned the top third of the port side cargo bay into a hanging living quarters, a bizarre network of hammock like panels suspended 3 meters above the floor by a marriage of macrame and cargo netting only an ewok could conjure.

Entering the Bespin system, two things are immediately apparent; the Bespin port authority is broadcasting a warning about pirates in the area, and that four Star Destroyers are silhouetted against the backdrop of Bespin. Thum, trusting in the typical security Cloud City provides and there’s really no risk of pirates with so many Imperial I Star Destroyers in orbit. Though, Bespin reflects light… like Imperial Star Destroyers do. These were not silhouettes, they were black Star Destroyers. They contact the Cloud City dockmaster and are diverted to Starport facility C, one of several overflow facilities to manage traffic (freighters in excessively long holding patterns, running out of fuel and going into freefall is bad for business).

They’re nice places though. No Cloud City to be sure, but they’re half a dozen to a few dozen docking pads surrounding a promenade with shops, hotels, apartments, in addition to the warehouses and tabana tanks. Someone in Cloud City’s marketing department missed a real estate opportunity to call them Cloud Towns.

They’re assigned a pad and land. The next pad over, they can see the crew of a YT-1210 either pacing, standing with their arms folded or having a death stick. They think nothing of it, and follow the cybernetic liaison inside so Ino can get to the business of moving his wares. They’re taken to a reception room with a bar and accompanying robo-bartender, and for a few minutes the universal panacea of complementary drinks momentarily distracts and cheers everyone. Ino wants Thum to sell his wares, but Thum can’t sell transport services to people without them increasing the price he’s charging out of pity for his naivety. Ino is obviously a much better negotiator. Ino goes off in a huff into the next chamber with G-3PO, a green Cybot Galactica model. The rest of the crew, after their drink or seconds, turn to go stroll Facility C’s promenade.

They quickly find that access to the promenade is restricted. Should they need anything available from the merchants or warehouses of Facility C, it can be brought to the Mercantile Reception Area that they are currently in. The crew begins getting antsy, now they notice the crew standing around on the next platform, with nowhere to go. They go to the robo-bartender and ask a litany of questions to discover that an attack by the pirate Star-Destroyers in orbit is imminent. They are Blackstar, and even in space, one hears their roar… or so is worded, or loosely thereabouts, the reputation they’re getting.

In actuality, the Blackstar reputation was part of a marketing campaign. Underworld and criminal organizations are big business; Does Black Sun look like the type to have members that just come up with an emblem that striking? There are firms that specialize in the branding and reputation implementation for pirates, criminal organizations, bounty hunters and anything nefarious you can think of. It not the first time professional services cater to this sector, lawyers and accountants merely blazed a trail for real estate agents and marketing people. One can blame the Hutt clans for bringing crime to this level of competition… Oh, Blackstar? Kashyyyk fell out of Imperial control as fast as news hit it that the Emperor had died at Endor. The wookies essentially said to the Empire; ‘If only we knew of a force of a few million 2.3 meter tall guy and gals who could just pop the arms off of a Stormtrooper at will, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Does anyone know? Wait… you mean we’re a force of…’ then the wookies just look at the Imperial forces and said ‘RUN!’ Only the smallest minority of Imperials got off of Kashyyyk to tell the story… Of course the Empire returned in force, with an invasion of slavers in the interim even, but they’ve all been rebuffed by this point. Blackstar, and it’s Imperial Star Destroyers, were Star Destroyers transporting Wookie ‘prisoners / slaves’ at a time inconvenient for their late crews, as their captain, now named Bloodclaw, is a Madclaw.

By the end of the realization of what is about to come down on this planet, a bit of pragmatic panic sets in. They need, like those Imperials on Kashyyyk, to RUN! They couldn’t get in contact with Ino, he’d left his comm on the ship… the droid had taken Ino away! Thum thought fast, Rian was great at finding people and sneaking around, if he could just get past security, sneak through the installation, locate Ino and comm their location back to the group Jhain and Bomdor could spearhead a rescue attempt with Thum and Siri having the getaway vehicle ready! All rian needed was some incentive; “Rian, you do this and I’ll give you your blaster back, and you can fire it whenever you want!” the panicked sullustan failing to keep a calm veneer pleaded. Rian takes the deal, and asks the droid to see Ino, who is still in the antechamber. Siri was already warming the engines and they run! They board the ship as quickly as possible… so hurriedly that by the time Thum turns to verify the closing of the boarding ramp there’s G-3PO on board! The ramp hydraulics need to be checked if a protocol droid has time to run on board.

The Terrapin Erathem does a starboard hover until vertically clear of the platform and then drops into the clouds before zooming off away from the facility. This didn’t go unnoticed to the crew of the Capricious Noctule, the stock light that was on the pad next to them, and they dash aboard their ship, cold start and head the same direction of the Terrapin Erathem. This is unknown to Thum who was gradually increasing altitude to bring the ship above the cloud tops that he’d dove into to conceal themselves from the station. Not far behind them was the Capricious Noctule, and not far behind them were two rapidly approaching Blackstar Tie fighters. The Ties were closing to weapons range on the Capricious Noctule, only one of the Noctules guns turn to take aim at the pursuers. The Ties open fire and hit the Noctule and they never return fire, their power systems must have been damaged. They lose a bit of speed and altitude, and never get a chance to respond, the short range guns on the Ties ablates the entirety of the crafts superstructure, and it’s power plant explodes.

Session 2 1Thum tells Rian to sit in the pilots seat while he mans the guns. First chance they get, Siri needs to move fire control to the pilots seat, rather than this seat behind the nonessential co-pilots seat. Siri removes Rian from the pilots chair and takes over evading the Ties to the best of her ability; she flies straight and true. Thum gets off a few shots before the Ties blow the lone gun of the Terrapin Erathem, the power surge sent through the fire control system is enough to violently shock Thum out of his seat, Siri ill advised to enter into hyperspace while still in the planet’s gravity well. The Erathem pivots without losing momentum, 180 degrees and pushes the inertial dampeners to their design limit, the Ties pass as the Erathem cloverleafs around the faster more nimble but less expertly handled craft. Their flight control computers override the stick, and predictably ignore the smaller craft, the other Tie, to avoid collision with the larger stocklight. the distances are so close the Ties collide into each other. Before the explosion dissipates, the Erathem pivots and bolts straight down into the thicker clouds.

They hover, and asses the situation while quiet and deep. The Blackstar fleet has jammed planetary communications except for the sound of their roars. The last visual the Erathem had of Facility C was of it’s destruction, Cloud City was probably a war zone by now. Thum has the ship continue gradually away from population centers, toward the polar regions, maintaining altitude 10,000 meters below the cloud tops.

Elsewhere, Ond Smith, a muun is watching holovids of the destruction of Canton Keep. He is an agent in insurance investigation under the employee of the Czerka Corporation, and is tasked with investigating, the loss of Londo Mihn’s corvette the Vina. The circumstances, the coincidences, the conveniences of it all. That it was intentional is obvious, but the impacts of what happened at Canton Keep with the Vina were masterful, too numerous to comprehend. And the skills to pull it off, only a select few could be so deft. The only other possibility that ever crosses the agent’s mind, is that it could have been thieves trying to get Donner Vimdis’ vault. But any thief that could have had any chance of knowing what was in the vault, would have never dared look at the Vina, much less board her… but there is the missing jewel still not recovered from the wreckage.

Siting in the cockpit, helpless, Thum catches view of a beldon , and then a few more. He dims the lights in the cockpit, and calls Rian up, thinking the young boy could appreciate either the visceral beauty of nature or that it might resonate in a more transcendent spiritual way with him. No, he just wants to use them for target practice. On the scanners the beldon were making their way to the upper atmosphere, the smaller ones were giving way to larger ones the size of a… stock… light… freighter… This might be their best chance. Thum shadows the movements of the beldon heard for a 10,000 m ascent then, at the first hint of daylight, angles the pitch 90 degrees and punches it for the gravitational terminator of bespin, and then engages the hyperdrive for Dantooine. The Blackstar fleet was breaking orbit anyway as fleets from the New Republic and The Galactic Empire were arriving to liberate Bespin for themselves… needless to say, the Battle of Bespin dominates the Holonet News with both side blaming the other for the attack, neither indicating or witnessing to the presence of a whole nother fleet!

Once underway, G-3PO is deactivated, and wiped for selling. When they finally ask Ino how his sales deal went, Ino gets to brag that he traded the spice and goods for 35,000 Notarized Alliance Vouchers, redeemable at any Czerka Kiosk. Worth tens of millions to the right traders with the right connections and absolutely worthless everywhere else. They needed help, favors needed to be called in, and old friends made new. Siri calls an old friend of hers, Vuffi Raa, and explains the conditions they’re leaving from and that they’ll need accommodations and repairs on Dantooine. Siri is specifically looking to install a pair of fire controlled, toggle enabled quad laser cannons at the port and starboard extremities of the ship that would be capable of a spherical firing arc (by at least one set of guns) at short range from the Erathem.

Date: 40:3:01

At Dantooine, they’re given port at a docking bay just outside this excessively pastoral hamlet with an abundance of shops that the population of the hamlet couldn’t sustainably support, and this luxury resort and spa in the middle of an unnaturally remote (even for Dantooine) location. Vuffi didn’t tell us that he knows a guy with substantial holdings in the Valgus Karjamaade resort.

Two docking rings over from the Terrapin Erathem is the Ordovician Limulus, a vessel becoming legend in it’s own right. It’s crew of fixits, the Mechanics as they’ve monopolized the moniker in Hutt Space, has branded them the premium, almost vanity Mechanics to the Hutt Clans. Bordo the Hutt actually sent a merc regiment to burn Thrusu the Hutt’s penthouse to free up the Mechanics so they could extend the range of his submersible barge in time for a gala (and sales opportunity) event. That Thrusu was hosting a competing event in his penthouse at the same time, didn’t prevent the Mechanics agent in the Mercenary Marketing Division of Czerka from making it entirely about them.

Shortly after landing, they meet the Mechanics, and they’ll be handling the customization of the Erathem over the next week. The crew takes time to relax, stretch their legs, enjoy genuine gravity under their feet and air processed by unregulated biological processes rather than the canned or regulated version. The boys get some target practice, Rian gets to take his speeder for a drive but there’s still tension of living and sleeping in such close quarters until Ino says, in the midst of an argument with Thum, the most valued words ever spoken (that trip) “Just remember, because I traded my vouchers in, that the docking fees, repairs, the guns and accommodations at the resort are completely covered!”

They were all getting drinks with holographic halos and fireworks coming out of them to sip in their embroidered robes faster than the hair stylists could feign a smile at an ewok asking for the full spa treatment. You’d think they’d have run out of curlers, but there get more wookie patrons than you expect. You’d think they never saw an ewok before, but Ino was the second one, and apparently less curt than the last ewok. After having been on planet for only 5 days, weapons not wired up. We get an inexplicable call to the room. A male voice on the other end tells us we need to leave the planet immediately. The week prior to their respite had been consistent enough, that when thum hangs up the anachronistically decorative comm, no one questions his order to evacuate the planet. When you get off the comm, say “We have to leave the planet!” and EVERYONE around you immediately begins to pack and dash, and the tallest, most heavily armed man in your group does a weapons check… you might need to reassess where life is taking you, but no one here does. The watershed moment in all their lives, went by unnoticed, because the watershed moment was their not questioning their peril. The Mechanics leave a Chiss lady on board with the core name “Tee” to help Siri with what can be done from the inside, and the Mechanics will follow us in the Limulus to Cato Nemodia.

That night, Thum can’t sleep. There’s something he’d missed. Something is gnawing at him, it’s obvious and he missed it. He’d done something careless, or something happened. Eventually this leads to having woken everyone up sitting in the puce and beige lounge with ED tending bar. Then the Erathem is interdicted! Pulled right out of hyperspace by a black interdictor Star Destroyer, and behind it a fleet of 24 vessels; a mix of Republic, Separatist, commercial, salvaged and one Executor Class Star Destroyer. It was ventrally red and dorsally black. Not a smooth red either, their were edges of angular black geometry, that to be below it was to look into the mouth of Hell. And they were asking to board.

If they wanted to destroy, or even harm the Erathem, they sent 23 ships too many. Thum had been around long enough to know when he was safe, aside from that time on Taanab, and they were in no danger. Jhain knew it too. They were given a box. They were sworn to secrecy. The Chiss engineer departed with the female wookie who issued the assignment, the Mechanics were with them. As she began her climb up the ladder, Thum notices the Bloodclaw emblem that adorns the Blackstar fleet, right there on here the upper shoulder of her right sleeve. The ship and Thum were well paid, and not long after being entrusted with the box, everyone on the ship would feel… off… cold… sick…

They were to take the box to Coruscant, Thum had all the clearances, without a single blot on his record. Not just anywhere on Coruscant, a million ships a day the size of the Erathem go in and out of Coruscant’s ports on a slow day. This was to the Imperial City, specifically the grounds of the Jedi Temple. They were also instructed NOT to open the box, but everyone wanted to, or just felt ill. By the time they got to Coruscant, Thum was in a constant seated prostration over the box, as if the lid would just fly off.

Date: 40:3:07

They had no problems landing. If they look back on it, everyone’s memory is a bit hazy on whether or not they followed procedure. They were greeted by a lone figure, in a black robe with a chrome mask and rectangular eye slits but no mouth, keys hung from his belt. He took the box, nodded in thanks, and and motioned them on their way. They lifted off, but no one was at the controls, at least consciously. In a haze of disoriented awareness, the crew feel a mix of inverted deja vu and vertigo. Within minutes, the ship has entered and exited hyperspace at Ixtlar, the suburbs of Coruscant. Feeling more aware and conscious than they have since encountering the Black fleet, they put in to land, hope to have a comfortable meal, and a good nights sleep in modest contemporary accommodations.

Omissions & Corrections:

In the original session the Terrapin Erathem received a communication while in hyperspace from the Cloud City Dockmaster. Communications to a vessel in hyperspace are all but impossible, especially 2 way communications to a simple trading vessel from a port authority. As this is only accomplished with one way communications to the most sophisticated military vessels with a complement of staff capable of assembling the badly distorted messages, this scene has been altered/ deleted.

The Communication to Vuffi Raa on the other hand works because the communication originates from a ship, the destination the ship is headed towards is stated in the original transmission and the technical capabilities (in this case a living droid) of the one reponding are all consistent.


Legitimate Business
It's not about the money, it's about getting paid.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

It is a period of civil war. Just weeks shy of a year following the Battle of Endor and the death of Emperor Palpatine, Admiral Krennel has seized the Ciutric Hegemony and murdered Sate Pestage and the entire Pestage family. Now, just two days later….

Date: 40:2:21GrS

A long time contact, who goes by the name Charlii, of freighter captain Augusto Gali Gali Thum, has summoned the modest trader vessel, Terrapin Erathem to the world of Zec Hariah. In one of the most luxurious suites of the Germon Hotel of Camota, the group is introduced by Charlii to Mordov Jimel. Mordov made three unbelievable claims; to have developed a species of Energy spider that could exist in a multitude of environments, and still produce viable Glitterstim, to have had 300 million credits embezzled from him, and to be Mordov Jimel. No one, probably not even Charlii, had any clue who they were really sharing a suite with, but Thum and crew were caught between two predators, targeting the same prey. Rian had been seemingly entranced by strange alleged eye implant that Mordov wore.

Camota cityThe enormous sum of credits was being kept in Camota Keep, now the home and base of operations of Donner Vimdis. With a private army of battle droids guarding the physically impenetrable vault, the task sounded more and more impossible the more Thum and crew heard. The opportunity to strike would come during the Camotan festival marking Founders First Solstice, during which, the Keep has always been traditionally open to the public.
Making the task seem even more impossible to accomplish for all but the finest thieves in the galaxy, would be the security checkpoints where guests to the keep would be screened. It would be impossible for them to get any weapons or special tools in, much less get the vault or the credits out.

This is when the group learns how intelligent ewoks are. A spear is an aerodynamically optimized mass with a wooden stick to provide leverage, guidance and a conduit for the thrower to apply energy for thrust. Ino Pling Pling comes up with a plan to throw a spear at the house. Though the biggest spear tips Ino had ever seen were Imperial Star-Destroyers above Endor, but one of those was unavailable. But they were going to find a ship, and chuck it into the ancient Camota Keep. The vault, being built more durable than a vessels incident recorder, should easily survive the impact of any sub-capital vessel, and thankfully for the sake of Charlii, Thum and crew, the vault was capable of surviving much more.

To get ready for attending the Founders First Solstice Festival, they bill to the room; a Q7 droid to pilot whatever vessel they commandeer, ED-BD a BD-3000, and tailored formal attire for everyone in the party. Should the ship ramming succeed, they’ll have the same alibi as everyone in town, should it fail, they’d need to be ready to attend the festival.

Ino and Rian scouted out the docking bays, it was probably not the wisest or most practical notion to have a nine year old boy, and a soldier from a culture that hadn’t invented shoes yet, to select a spacefaring vessel, but they stood the least chance of being noticed. Capt. Thum was so nervous about having a criminal record, he thought an engineer and a ship captain would look out of place at a starport, and sent a child and a furry primitive. Actually, Thum, or any freighter captain even half as experienced would know; engineers and captains don’t get lost in starports. They don’t lurk around them, they just do their business and spend as little time in them as possible. Furry primitives and children, are less rare than one would hope, and never look like they know where they’re supposed to be. What the diminutive pair selected was a nearly 200 meter long Marauder-Class corvette named the Vina. The vessel was abnormally undermanned, and barely guarded, but it was a Pyke Syndicate vessel, on a syndicate held world, in a syndicate held city… it was practically in the syndicate’s garage. An hour and a half later, after the pair had looted it for several thermal detonators, a particularly shiny gemstone, and an electrum plated datapad with a Pyke emblem emblazoned on the back; Vina was blasted to smithereens.

To secure the vault, they’d need a landspeeder. Finding an overpowered speeder close to a luxury hotel is as difficult as finding the garage. Rian though, takes a detour through the employee locker room, takes an ugnaught valet’s uniform and has a speeder within minutes. The speeder went from the garage, racing through the streets towards the heart of town, completely unnoticed due to the explosion of the ancient heart of the town. The speeder races past the smoldering crater and Jhain Di Xon captures the spherical vault with his grappling hook. They reel the vault in, and race towards their rendezvous with the Terrapin Erathem, still in flight with the starboard cargo gantry descended.

Upon making orbit, the vault is opened. Inside there were 300 Million credits and 16 datachips. On the Holonet, was mention of Mordov Jimel, just not the man who was in the suite. The actual Mordov, washed up on the beach, just a few hundred kilometers south of Camota, with two blaster wounds in the back of his head. Thum decides to put the identity bonded, and thusly useless to anyone else, fortune back into the vault, and jettison it into orbit. Charlii could easily retrieve it if it were any use to him. As for the encrypted datachips, Thum had Siri conceal them within some panel sealant where they can’t be found unless you knew exactly where to find them.


  • Coruscant, Senate District: Prompted memorials were held for Sate Pestage today, with COMPNOR doing everything they could to keep the cameras on their memorials, rather than the adjacent rioting. At least they were suppressing the violent attacks on the mourners.
  • Trantor: Senator Leod Ark today decried both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. In response to questions about the possibility of him participating in the New Republic movement, Senator Ark responded; “Both the Empire and New Republic are terroristic entities reflecting each others constituent desires for power, neither desire to restore the Old Republic or-”
  • Corulag: the TransGal circuit kicked off to an upset win from team Sedrishan of Eshan in his green painted Arrow model swoop from Queens Consolidated.
  • The following will be news, localized to your sector.
  • Zec: Authorities have identified the body of Mordov Jimel washed up on a beach just a few hundred kilometers south of Camota. He was found with two blaster wounds to the back of the head, but authorities have yet to rule it a homicide.
  • Zec Hariah: Also in news there; the dead and injured are still being counted in the tragic starship crash that has destroyed the ancient town center, and claimed the life of it’s current owner, Donner Vimdis. Anonymous sources have reported to HNN that this looks like violence and a power struggle within the Pyke Syndicate.

Unbeknownst to the crew of the Terrapin Erathem, it was none other than Boba Fett claiming to be Mordov Jimel, and Charlii probably wouldn’t have helped him had he known.

Date: 40:2:23 GrS

Flush with a substantial payment from Charlii, Thum wants to return home to Sullust to pay off the Terrapin Erathem, visit his wife, and get some real Sullustan cooking. Rian wants to get his newly acquired speeder a custom paint job, and Ino has some sales to do. Thum pleads with them to not do anything illegal, but this seems to be a new concept to the pair. The payment was electronic, the wife was surprisingly uncharacteristically and unnecessarily shrewish until he arrived home, and the Sullustan cuisine should have been more illegal than the weapons Ino wished to sell. Ino’s explosives would have digested better too. Rian discovered that having a speeder detailed was expensive, and services aren’t as easily stolen as goods. Thum suggests that they would have better luck in a less scrupulous place, and offers to take them to Nar Shaddaa.

Date: 40:2:25 GrS

On Nar Shaddaa, Thum, dragging Siri along, is eager to go to these grimy bars he’s romanticized in his head. The seedy yet cosmopolitan mix of disparate cultures from across the galaxy that would once have only been found in elite confluences deciding the fates of galactic power, and the casual, working class spirit of folks at the same time as those elites were shaping galactic civilization, would have never had hopes of reaching the stars. The space bars, are the ignored fruit of pedestrian space travel! A fruit, left to rot judging from the smell of the Mynock on the Dock .

Rian and Ino, in the search for the next credit or shiny, find themselves in the main audience chamber of a Hutt… Rian, remember he’s only 9, recognizes him as Buubuu the Hutt, a prominent, and influential, up and coming Hutt clan leader. Buubuu is interested in the Thermal Detonators that the ewok and boy procured from the Pyke vessel Vina.

Siri dosen’t want to go into the bar, then Thum looks like he’s doubting his desire to go in, then Siri, as she’s always done, pushes him where he’s scared to go, regardless of her own trepidation.

Buubuu offers a substantial amount of trade goods, at Ino’s request including a medical droid and bacta tank for the ship, and three slaves; two of the hutt’s ‘dancers’, Yang (a Zeltron) and Gami (a Twi’Lek) , and Bomdor a Gamorrean who seems less than interested in guarding a Hutt. Buubuu even threw in the speeder detailing.

At Mynock on the Dock, Thum and Siri have found a simple traveler of few words who goes by the name “Bub” who wants to book a ‘no questions asked’ one way trip to Tatooine. Thum quotes him a more than reasonable price, generous, actually it’s a revealingly naive price. The stranger ups the offer substantially, and they rush back to the docking bay. When they arrive, it looks like Nal hutta cargo the circus has come to town, or more accurately, boarding for departure. There’s a quality to pink and blue dancing girls, a large Gamorrean, a sport speeder adorned with flames and an ewok with a top hat in the center of it all. "Bub couldn’t have been pressed into caring.

Date: 40:2:26 GrS

Arriving at Tatooine was less than ideal. The orbital conflagration is immediately apparent upon exiting hyperspace. From what little they could tell from orbit, Ratta the Hutt who occupies the former home of Jabba on Tatooine, has forces defending him from unidentified mercenaries. The dock-master is panicked. Mos Eisley, though far from the monastery sanctuary of Ratta the Hutt, is under siege. A hurried landing, and a hasty exit for the well hatted man as he shoots the unseen men welcoming him with blaster fire. The ship receives its first blaster scoring, and the Terrapin Erathem evades, but never returns, fire until the most immediate moment it can make the jump for hyperspace to… (be continued next session)


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